Homeschool Teacher’s Lounge Rules and Conditions

Welcome to the Lakers FanLounge! Please follow these rules to make the FanLounge a great place to talk about the Lakers.

Please note we are not associated with the Lakers or the NBA in any way.

You must be 18 years or older to participate – NO EXCEPTIONS.

ABSOLUTELY NO PROFANITY (this includes references to profanity like abbreviations, etc.). No sexual references, racism, harmful speech, threatening, hate language toward any person or group of people, impersonating, or making fun of tragedies. This is a family community and users who violate this could be banned without notice.

Upload a profile picture: from the Login button in the Lounge, you can login or create a new account, and upload a profile picture.

When you create a new account, you will get an email from – you need to click on the activation link in that email before you can post. Please check your spam folder and add our email to your contacts.

If you have any problems, please send us an email from the Contact screen in the app, thanks!

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